Low Fibre, Low Residue Diet

**(Please check with your doctor before making any changes to diet)**

You may be advised to follow a Low fibre, Low residue diet if you have active crohn's, a narrowing or strictures, etc.

Below are some guidelines which may be followed but please remember what suits one person does not suit another and all changes should be first be checked with your medical adviser.

Avoid High Fibre Foods Such As :

Wholemeal, granary, seeded, brown bread, brown crackers and crispbreads.
Wholegrain cereals. eg. All Bran, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Muesli or any cereals containing bran, dried fruits, nuts, wheat or Soya bran.
Wholegrain Spaghetti or pasta.
Brown Rice.
Any foods which contain Skins, Seeds, pips of fruit and vegetables.
Dried Fruit
Pulses including baked beans
Wholemeal biscuits and muesli bars.
Whole grain or Oatmeal biscuits. Any Biscuits with nuts, dried fruit or coconut.

Wholemeal Flour All Cakes and Scones made with brown or wholemeal flour. All Cakes containing dried fruit, nuts or coconut, e,g, Fruit Cake, Fruit Scone

AVOID: All beans, peas, lentils, green cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, garden peas, sweetcorn, onion and salads.

Dried fruit, bananas, gooseberries, fruit peel and pips. Peanuts and Popcorn, Vinegar, Pickles

Red wine, filtered coffee and if possible Red Meat. (Especially steak or any meats which you have to chew).

Spices, curries, chilli, peppers. Lettuce, cucumber, spring onion.

TRY TO AVOID: Packet/ Convenience meals and takeaways. Alcohol


Milk (if tolerated and not lactose intolerant)
Egg (if not adverse to dairy products)
Meat -- lean, tender - preferably white, steamed or poached or boiled.
Fish - no bones, steamed,poached or boiled.(Preferably not smoked)
Tuna and Salmon, Oily fish - mackerel
Butter/margarine/cooking fats in very small moderation
sugar/seedless jam/jelly marmalade syrup honey
sweets/chocolate - no fruit or nuts.

Starchy Foods

Rice Krispies , Porridge, Corn Flakes, Special K, Frosties, Coco Pops.
White Bread, White Rolls, White Crackers, White Crispbreads, Croissants.
White Rice, White Pasta, Noodles.
White Flour
Any Biscuits (plain, filled or chocolate-coated) made from white flour.
White Sponge Cakes or puddings

Vegetables - in small well cooked amounts

Peeled baby carrots
Cauliflower (no stalks)
Tomato (no skins)
Pureed Veg is tolerated e.g. Swede, turnip
Potatoes without skins, mashed or boiled


Small portions of the following: Stewed Apple, Melon and tinned varieties of Peaches, Pears, Mandarins, Fruit Cocktail.


Fruit Tart/pies/flans if made with white flour and suitable filling. Madeira cake, white scones, pastries, doughnuts. Natural Yoghurt, set Yoghurt or Yoghurt containing only small fruit pieces. Fromage Frais, Petit Filous, Jelly, Ice-Cream, Cream, Milk Puddings, Custard.

Drinks and Snacks

Water, Milk, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, Strained Fruit Juice, Actimel, Soups without vegetable pieces.
Small amount of chocolate if needed.

Advised: Build Up drinks, supplement meal drinks etc.

Suggested Meal Plan


Strained Fruit Juice
Cornflakes or Porridge or permitted cereal
White Bread / toast with butter or margarine
Jam, Marmalade or Honey.
Meat or Fish
Grilled Bacon, ham, steamed or poached fish/egg
Tea / Coffee / Fruit Juice


Lean Meat, Poultry (without skin), Fish(no bones), Eggs or Cheese.
White Bread with Butter or Margarine.
Yoghurt, Plain Biscuits or Plain sponge.


Soup (without vegetable pieces) or Consommé
Lean Tender Meat, Poultry (without skin) or Fish (without bones).
Small portion of mashed carrot, turnip, cauliflower florets or courgettes.
Potato (no skins), mashed or creamed, white pasta or rice.
Gravy / sauce can be thickened with cornflower

Milk Pudding or Jelly and Ice-cream or Sponge/Pastry,
Yoghurt or a small portion of the allowed fruit.

Suitable Drinks:

Water, Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice.
Nourishing Drinks:
Milk with meals
Build-up drinks or soups


Milk Drink
Plain Biscuit / sponge
Boiled Sweets Peppermints
Build up Drinks or Soups

Updated July 2003